Tuesday, 17 April 2012


i just downloaded burial's new 3-track EP and i'm really EXCITED about it, it sounds like burial but also fresh and has this incredible atmosphere to it, i love it. it cost £3.49 from the hyperdub website (wav download, not mp3... mp3 quality sucks ass and you really want good sound quality when you're listening to something like burial. right now i'm sitting here listening to it with my amp bass over-ear audiotechnica headphones i use for wriiting/recording/mixing and it sounds INSANE, like i'm in an audio arena with all these sounds bouncing around me)
ANYWAY i'm not a music critic but if you want an overview of what it sounds like (honestly you may as well just listen to it, it's only a bit over half an hour long) read here - http://drownedinsound.com/releases/16824/reviews/4144519

kindred is an absolute beast of a track though, my favourite at the moment, it's pretty dark but also uplifting. burial's sick mix of ambient/garage/dubstep is perfect, i can't listen to a lot of standard dubstep because all the wobble bass and gritty, dirty sounding synths get to me after a bit. burial's music has this sort of smooth, echoey, clean sound despite all the rain/thunder/burning/crackling sound effects. it's what i'd describe as round music, because when you listen to it, it surrounds you and sort of envelopes you.

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